Zeitschrift für Internationale Strafrechtswissenschaft

Zeitschrift für Internationale Strafrechtswissenschaft publishes essays, comments on judgments and literature reviews dealing with German and international criminal law as well as criminal procedure law. Please send all contributions to the editor thomas.rotsch@zfistw.de.
As soon as the contribution is accepted, it will be introduced in the next newsletter in order to inform all subscribers about your contribution.
We ask the authors not to layout their contribution. After having received the contribution, the editorial staff will deal with it immediately; as soon as we have accepted and decided to publish, the reviewed edition will be sent back to the author. Please note that this version will be the one published. Please also note that correspondence with us is only possible via electronic means.

For each paper an abstract in English and the original language of the paper is required.

All foreign language papers are evaluated in a peer-review procedure by the International Advisory Board.
Please notice the following instructions concerning the formulation of manuscripts.
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